Getting Started

New to TIME Sites? Watch all videos in this series to get familiar with the platform.

Basics Episode 1:

The Foundations

Basics Episode 2:

Setting up a Master page

Basics Episode 3:

Working with Grids and Interactions

Basics Episode 4:

Focus on mobile responsiveness

Basics Episode 5:

Anchor links, blocks, and efficient workflows

Basics Episode 6:

Finishing touches

Content Studio

Content Studio 101 Ep 1:

Logging in and creating your site

Content Studio 101 Ep 2:

Editing your site - text, images, and links

Content Studio 101 Ep 3:

Editing your site - managing content

Content Studio 101 Ep 4:

Editing your site - navigating pages

Content Studio 101 Ep 5:

Pre-publish run-through